Novel solutions to tough manufacturing challenges

Equipped with best-in-class 3D printing technology and one of Canada’s largest additive manufacturing facilities, we help clients get prototypes to market faster.

Driven by an experienced and highly skilled team of specialists, Exergy provides full-service support of the additive manufacturing workflow, including design, materials selection, metals and plastic printing, and post-processing.

Our capabilities

Metal Printing

Metal powder is spread across a plate and melted in layers to gradually build strong metal parts of various shapes, sizes, and complexity.

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  • Laser Powder Bed

    For high performance applications

  • Electron Beam Powder Bed

    Used for high wear applications

Polymer Printing

A thin layer of plastic powder is selectively melted using a laser or infrared light that gradually builds parts in layers until they are completely formed.

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  • Powder Bed

    Great for end use parts and low volume production

  • Resin

    Great for high resolution parts

  • Fused Deposition Modelling

    Good general purpose printing

Post Processing

Features and improvements we can add to a part after it is initially printed in-house or somewhere else.

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  • Vapour Finishing

    Reduces surface roughness, enhancing colours and making parts completely air and fluid tight

  • Heat Treating

    Metal printed parts are typically heat treated to relieve internal stresses and improve mechanical properties

  • Machining

    High precision features can be machined into most printed materials

Investing in the future

Leveraging the world’s first NeuBeam® metal additive technology, Exergy specializes in producing highly wear-resistant components that can withstand some of the world’s harshest environments, reducing operating costs, extending component lifetimes, and simplifying maintenance and replacements.

Our expertise in materials, design and manufacturing enables us to help our clients realize large, complex, wear-resistant parts without the geometric constraints of conventional manufacturing approaches.

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How we do it