Post processing

How it works

Features and improvements we can add to a part after it is initially printed in-house or somewhere else.

Post Processing Options

  • Vapour Finishing

    Vapour finishing seals the outer surface of a part making it water tight and easily cleanable. It changes the colour of MJF parts from grey to black and enhances colour prints. Compatible materials are ABS, Nylons, Polycarbonates and TPU.

  • Dyeing

    SLS parts are printed white. After printing they can be vapour finished and dyed various colours.

  • Machining

    High precision features like threads or bearing seats can be machined into most printed materials. A small amount extra machining stock should be added to the printed part which is machined away.

  • Heat Treating

    Metal printed parts are typically heat treated to relieve internal stresses and improve mechanical properties.