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Not just drafting. Our experts offer great advice, planning services and take the drafting backlog off your mind.We take a methodical approach to solving problems to achieve lasting results.

Drafting Services


Multiple revisions, missing native files, scanned drawings, incorrect numbering, it can be a real mess! Our expert drafting team plans their work to your standards. We check everything so your final review is easy.

Field Services


Exergy’s team of field personnel are  trained and certified to exceed your site safety requirements. We believe that accurate asset information is critical to ensuring safe, reliable and sustainable operations.


Design Services


We deliver the perfect combination of project management expertise and technical skills to tackle any engineering and design challenge.

3D Printing


Early 3D modeling of projects engages teams, facilitates decisions and helps minimize changes during the detailed design process.

Drafting Services


Redline drawings from construction or turnarounds should be quickly converted into accurate as-builts. This reduces the risk of conflicting revisions and concurrent engineering. We deliver high quality and low-cost as-built drawings for all types of technical information.

Drafting Support

Our clients require responsive technical support as changes occur at their facilities. Our workflow processes are tailored to deliver on-demand drafting to your specific standards. We provide design and drafting support to help your team get the job done.

Document  Management

Technical information needs to be standardized and numbered correctly in order to find what you need. Save time and money by bringing order to your documents and systems. We can assess, organize and re-draft your backlog of hardcopies or scanned information.

Field Services

Field Redlining

Field redlining is the most efficient and accurate method to produce as-built drawings. Keeping asset records current promotes project efficiency, reliable production and safe operations. We can quickly mobilize personnel to your plant site who are experienced with the equipment in your industry.

3D Scanning

3D laser scanning is a cost effective technology to capture dimensional data and develop as-built 3D models. This can accelerate design development for plant optimization projects. Our qualified experts use the latest technology to precision scan your facility in a time efficient manner.

Site Safety

Facility owners have strict safety and regulatory obligations to keep their critical information up-to-date. Accurate information promotes reliability, safety, and improves performance. We can prepare accurate drawing packages for risk reviews, HAZOPS, or emergency response plans.

Design Services

Engineering Design

Our expect team of engineers and designers understand what it takes to produce a well functioning facility. We ensure all projects meet safety and technical specifications for your business.

Facility Projects

It takes a lean and efficient team to meet stringent cost, schedule, and quality requirements. Our promise is to be completely dedicated and fully transparent on the progress of all projects.

Pilot Plans

Our industry needs to continually find better ways to complete in global markets. We work closely with your research and development team to design new technology for scale-up and pilot testing.  

3D Printing

Usable Parts

3D printing is a great way to build working parts that might be otherwise impossible to find. Using all popular CAD programs we make sure you get what you need.

Scale Models

Exergy uses advanced commercial 3D printers to print prototypes of conceptual models in a variety of materials, colours, and sizes.


3D printing is a great way to build prototypes and create captivating demonstrations. We print scale models for a truly hands on experience.

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