Our Services

Our expertise is providing high value innovation that challenges conventional workflows while leveraging disruptive technologies such as 3D Printing, Virtual Reality and 3D Laser Scanning.


We believe that accurate asset information is critical to ensuring safe, reliable and sustainable operations. We are committed to lead the industry in overcoming the challenge of inaccurate and outdated technical drawings and records.

Strategic insight and customized services to understand the systemic problems with technical standards and inefficient workflows. We leverage the best available software solutions to tackle this with lasting results.

We provide:

  • Information Assessments
  • Workflow Strategies
  • Field Redlining
  • As-built Drawings
  • Asset Master Data
  • Document Management
  • Drafting Support
  • 3D Laser Scanning


We reward our clients with a competitive edge that allows them to unlock technological advancements at unprecedented speed. Effectively engaging with academic institutions and strategic partners to accelerate the path to commercialization

Exergy offers end-to-end, fit-for-purpose lab-scale and pilot-scale equipment for research and innovation. We build a project from concept development to detailed design through to manufacturing, assembly, testing and operation.

We provide:

  • Agile Project Management

  • Process Engineering

  • Automation Support

  • 3D Printing Services

  • R&D Lab Prototypes

  • Fabrication Services

  • Turn-Key Pilot Plants


New tools – new rules! We embrace change. Our promise is to leverage the best disruptive technology and collaborative tools available. We are a dynamic team of integrators, implementers using a streamlined approach.

We offer full service engineering in all disciplines including chemical, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering. We can mobilize swiftly to meet your project needs.

  • Lean project practices
  • MOC Projects
  • Engineering Design
  • 3D Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Model Management
  • CAD Administration

What Makes Exergy Right For You?