Shoulder to shoulder, mind to mind

With Exergy, our clients get to make things happen. We take an idea and work alongside our client to design, engineer and build it in real time; this is engineering with creativity. Bridging the gap between industry clients with needs and technology providers with solutions, we accelerate development and deployment with a unique integration of rapid prototyping, field-scale piloting, digital solutions and advanced manufacturing.

Plans are developed, designs are built, technology is proven, and change is made. There’s fun knowing you led the change. For our team and our clients, we create the experience of doing, building, making and creating.

We enable teams to work collaboratively with new tools and technologies, confidently demonstrating that progress is possible, empowered by the thrill of delivering results safely and quickly.

Working with Exergy, our clients share in the empowering feeling of moving fast and enjoying the fun of creating. All with a goal to affect change.

We believe that anything is possible, we are optimistic and we put words and ideas into action. This is our ‘do’ culture. The culture of creation. The culture of making things happen.

Exergy has been a valued partner in supporting the development of Aduro’s Hydrochemolitic™ technology platform. They have brought new insights, creativity, and a depth of expertise in a highly responsive way that has helped set Aduro up for more rapid success. We look forward to continuing to engage Exergy to support the design and building of the next phase of our technology.

Ofer Vicus


Aduro Clean Technologies

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