COVID-19 - Our Response

Innovative products and technology to help in the fight against COVID-19

Alberta E-Vent “Bertie”

Exergy Solutions has been working with Alberta Health Services on several urgent projects in response to COVID-19The Alberta E-Vent, nicknamed “Bertie”, is a partially 3D-printed, automated resuscitator intended for short-term respiratory support, monitoring and treatment of adult patients when a conventional ventilator is unavailable. It allows hospitals to expand their patient care capacity and reallocate conventional ventilators. 

Exergy and Suncor collaborated with clinicians and industry representatives to ensure the ventilators were Health Canada approved, and meet the needs of patients. The Alberta E-Vent project had many collaborators.

For technical assistance or for ordering inquiries, contact: Alberta E-Vent Support

3D-Printed Face Shields

This 3D-printed face shield is intended for general healthcare use during COVID-19. This is a Health Canada approved design that can be reused to ensure ongoing protection. This face shield can be worn in conjunction with other PPE to ensure ultimate protection for the service industry and front-line healthcare workers.

Magnetic Ear Savers for COVID-19 Masks

3D-printed in Canada on powder bed fusion printers, these easy on and off magnetic ear savers are the ultimate in adjustable fit. The Magnetic Ear Saver can be worn above, around or below the ear, eliminating chafing. It enables fast donning of your mask with minimal hand contact and it won’t get tangled in hearing aids or glasses. Exergy recently started retailing the Magnetic Ear Saver at

Picture of a woman wearing a 3D-printed magnetic ear saver on a medical COVID-19 mask

Exergy Solutions is committed to helping address critical supply chain shortages and other healthcare needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working closely with health systems, government agencies and our additive manufacturing network to help design, prototype and produce parts for front-line healthcare workers and businesses as they work to safely re-open their workplaces.