Exergy Solutions Pledges Its Support

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and healthcare systems are under a huge amount of strain. Hundreds of people have stepped up to offer their time and expertise to build vital equipment to help patients and caregivers in need. Exergy Solutions has joined the fight and is offering its services, and we are looking for our customers and partners to join us in sharing resources to help overcome this pandemic.


MIT Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) This is one of the leading solutions to the anticipated global lack of ventilators. Simply put, it is a manual Ambu-bag ventilator that is automated through the use of a mechanical device. Exergy is currently working on a prototype based on an MIT design with our partners at The University of Calgary, PLC Electronic Solutions and Laser Equations.

Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System Exergy is also monitoring other open source ventilator initiatives such as the one Ocalink is spearheading. This design uses some alternative technologies and Exergy is ready to help manufacture and supply parts when they are required.

Personal Protective Equipment

Face Shields – This visor can improve protection from viruses that spread through the air in the form of spray – e.g. sneezing. The shield can also help extend the use of other protective equipment by offering additional protection from external sources of contamination. Exergy is currently working on prototypes based on an open source Prusa 3D design with our partners at Laser Equations and Fuse 33 Makespace.

All indications are that we are in the early days of this pandemic and Exergy will remain committed to help address critical supply chain shortages and other healthcare needs. We are working closely with health systems, government agencies, and our additive manufacturing network to help design, prototype and produce parts to be tested and potentially adopted by clinicians.

If you have an Electronics or Programming background, own or have access to Industrial Laser Cutters, 3D Printers or CNC Machines, please contact us at info@exergysolutions.com. Otherwise please visit COVID YYC for information on how you can contribute to the effort.