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Exergy believes in great customer experience, we bring maximum value and expert knowledge. Our business model is to provide talented individuals and highly efficient work processes to deliver quality to our clients.

Who are we

Exergy Solutions is a Canadian company providing service to industries in the area of oil & gas, chemical, petro-chemicals, mining, metallurgical, power & utilities. We are specialized and have a flexible delivery model to fit the need for each specific project or client. Our people are knowledgeable, skilled and innovative. We consistently provide high value, timely and efficient service.

We believe that accurate asset information is critical to ensuring safe, reliable and sustainable operations. Incorrect information often leads to safety incidents, organizational inefficiencies and project delays. We provide strategic insight and customized services to help customers improve their technical data and achieve their performance goals.

We are committed to building strategic working relationships to help clients improve operational performance and our experts work closely together to deliver exactly what clients want. Exergy takes a methodical approach to solving problems to achieve lasting results.


Over 18 years experience in the Oil Sands industry in the areas of SAGD, Extraction, Energy Services and Upgrading. Extensive experience in engineering, project management, process engineering, process safety and management for oil & gas and utilities. Proven record in helping organizations and leadership teams solve difficult process and technical issues. 

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