Exergy was recently recognized for an innovative project. The months-long collaboration started with an idea from Dr. Steven Roy — an adjustable valve enclosure and ventilator multiplexor for critical ventilator shortages. This device allows individual pressure control for each patient when sharing a single ventilator between multiple patients – something that has not yet been possible when ventilators were being shared during the pandemic.

“The device is more cost-effective than a ventilator, rapidly deployable and takes up very little space during emergency preparedness storage,” noted Exergy’s project engineer Darsey Godwin.

The Valence InVent Xtend ventilator multiplexor recently received a Red Dot Design Award, which is a highly sought-after seal of quality for good design in the world. Design concepts and prototypes entered in the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot Jury for both function and aesthetic, which convenes once a year for each competition based on the individual specialist areas of the members.

This innovation was recently featured by CTV News Calgary. Check out the clip below.


Learn more about the design and the award.



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