Exergy Solutions uses ‘new tools’ to reduce GHG and carbon footprint for oil sands producers

Exergy’s President Billy Rideout was recently interviewed by Andrew Bell on BNN Bloomberg about some of the innovative projects that we’re working on, in collaboration Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGEN), with in the energy sector. He discussed how technology like 3D printers can be deployed to help the energy sector develop new processes and technologies to reduce carbon footprints.

Watch the full interview here.

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Aduro Clean Technologies is expanding scope of pilot plant engineering by Exergy Solutions to include chemical recycling of polyethylene

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc., a developer of patented water-based technologies to chemically recycle plastics and transform heavy crude and renewable oils into new-era resources and higher-value fuels, is directing Exergy Solutions to extend its process design and engineering work on Hydrochemolytic™ Bitumen Upgrading to polyethylene upcycling.