Canada well-positioned to both buy and sell cleantech products

Exergy Solutions was recently featured in an op-ed discussing how industry can play a role tackling climate change. It noted that Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector is “well-positioned to make the products that allow other firms to reduce emissions and is already taking the lead.”

An example highlighted in the article is Exergy’s project, in collaboration with Suncor Energy, to develop cleaner additives and technologies. It has the potential to cut energy intensity and emissions by as much as 30%, while at the same time drastically reducing water usage and eliminating the need for tailings ponds in Canada’s resource extraction and processing industry.

With Western Canada’s largest additive manufacturing facility, Exergy collaborates with the energy sector to create efficiencies. Our team provides design, consulting and expert technical production advice along with our professional 3D printing service to bring prototypes and new innovations to market faster.

Learn more about the potential for advanced manufacturing in reducing emissions in this op-ed recently featured in the Hill Times Canada well-positioned to both buy and sell cleantech products.

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