Cnergreen Excels In Carbon Reduction

CNERGREEN's vision is to see all hydrocarbons produced at the lowest possible carbon intensity. With Exergy as their design + build partner, they have done just that. Exergy worked collaboratively with CNERGREEN's team, creating a unique solution to generate nanoparticle stabilized surfactant foams to enhance oil recovery and reduce carbon intensity.

Through consultation and extensive industry experience, Exergy provided valuable engineering insights and agile engineering to produce several prototypes. The successful prototype was scaled by orders of magnitude and lab tested to ensure commercial viability. Results exceeded expectations and allowed the team to move to process optimization and equipment design for the field pilot and develop the plan for commercial deployment.

By adding the designed solution to CO2, gas or water injection wells, CNERGREEN can increase the enhanced oil recovery by over 50%.

By deploying the innovative new process technology, the carbon output of each reservoir is reduced. A win for CNERGREEN and their clients.

The field pilot was constructed at Exergy’s state of the art X-Lab and is scheduled for field trials in the next 12 months.


Increase the amount of oil recovered from reservoirs, reduce oil production carbon intensity and enhance reservoir productivity.


Exergy and CNERGREEN's team worked collaboratively to develop and test prototypes. With Exergy's experience and 3D printing capabilities quick modifications were possible without retooling and commercial viability was ensured.


Exergy’s depth of experience allowed CNERGREEN to expedite the building of a highly effective prototype, accelerating the project into field testing at top tier speed.

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