Enlighten Leads In DSU© Technology

Enlighten has developed a novel approach to oil desulfurization and upgrading (DSU©) through an electrolysis-based technology. The system operates using a unique low-cost flow battery for energy storage purposes.

Enlighten engaged Exergy as their engineering and design build partner to construct a 100 bbl/d demonstration project and further develop the
modular system for broader energy storage.

Exergy created value by offering interdisciplinary engineering, prototype testing, refinements and final design while successfully constructing the
module over a seven month period. Exergy provides continued support and advisory services as the module undergoes CS&U at the facility.


To reduce sulphur and metals in heavy oils to make clean, low-sulphur fuel oil for the marine industry and create a long duration energy storage solution.


Employing state of the art design tools at Exergy's XLab, the team delivered a module design, incorporated 3D printed components and fabricated the module in-house without the need for out-of-country sourcing.


The completed module at the demonstration plant is exhibiting the commercial viability of the technology on a larger scale.

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Cnergreen Excels In Carbon Reduction

CNERGREEN's vision is to see all hydrocarbons produced at the lowest possible carbon intensity. With Exergy as their design + build partner, they have done just that. Exergy worked collaboratively with CNERGREEN's team, creating a unique solution to generate nanoparticle stabilized surfactant foams to enhance oil recovery and reduce carbon intensity.