We create, build, make and accelerate

Committing to making change and solving problems for the first time requires the need to be bold. We value the willingness to share new ways of thinking and the initiative to embrace the unknown. We trust in our ability to take smart risks, knowing we must fail to learn, and we must learn to innovate.

Redefining what’s possible

We design, develop, and fabricate energy technologies that call for new solutions. We adapt quickly using our agile engineering approach, iterating through a proven design-build-test process.

With agility, relentless creativity, a team of builders and makers, and the tools to try anything, we find new solutions or take existing ideas and collaboratively problem-solve our way to a minimum viable product and then to field faster.

  • Strategy

    Identify, analyze, facilitate, guide

    Every project begins with a thorough exploration of the challenge at hand. Engaging key stakeholders, we work first to understand our client’s business, risks and opportunities to lead.

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  • Design

    Visualize, iterate, experiment

    There’s no right or wrong way to build something that doesn’t exist yet. Our goal at this stage is to safely deliver a minimum viable product that will prove the technology at pilot scale.

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  • Build

    Engineer, prototype, test

    Inventors at heart, our clients get hands-on in the XLab, working side-by-side with our team to turn concept into reality.

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  • Deploy

    Implement, train, measure, refine

    Our team works alongside our clients every step of the way, from preparing the field pilot plan to integrating and connecting a pilot to a facility, and training operators using our digital solutions.

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