Access Anywhere Training and Solutions turned their idea for rope safety into a 3D-printed reality with some help from Exergy Solutions

Exergy Solutions recently had a chance to work with Canmore-based Access Anywhere Training and Solutions on a custom 3D-printed part. The company’s highly skilled and certified technicians use equipment, ropes and highly rated rigging systems to gain access to some of the most obscure and seemingly impossible locations on work sites. In this potentially high-risk working environment, the team needs to be focused on safety.

“Rope access and working at height inevitably presents a never-ending list of potential hazards. Mitigating and controlling those hazards is very important, which is why our team is constantly innovating to increase safety and lower the risk potential,” explains founder Dirk Dorenbos.

Dirk had an idea for a tool that could protect ropes from the sharp edges that are inevitably present when rigging ropes through grating or over the edge of an elevated platform. Dirk brought the idea to Exergy’s additive manufacturing specialists, who were able to design the parts, which were ultimately 3D-printed.

Check out this video introducing the Vortex – an industrial rope access sharp edge management system. 

Access Anywhere Training and Solutions is now marketing the sharp edge management systems, called The Vortex and The Edge and as they receive orders, they can call on Exergy Solutions to manufacture as required using the HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer.

Are you interested in bringing your unique idea to life? Check out how Exergy’s X-Lab – a state-of-the-art additive manufacturing hub with industrial 3D printers and post-processing solutions can help you.

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