Gain a Technology Advantage

The X-Lab: A Journey to New Technology Commercialization

Exergy Solutions opened our X-Lab in 2019, offering state-of-the-art industrial 3D printers and post-processing solutions, as well as a wireless augmented and virtual reality studio. The X-Lab has the capacity to perform industry leading testing, consulting, problem solving, design & engineering and R&D services for multiple industries. Take a tour.

Additive Manufacturing Hub

A state of the art Additive Manufacturing hub with industrial 3D printers and technologically superior post-processing solutions.

Digital Visualization Studios

Our wireless Augmented and Virtual Reality Studio enables exploration of cutting-edge immersive technologies. We have both VIVEPro Wireless and Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Realty Headsets and Microsoft Hololens 2 Augmented Reality set ups. The studio has various software and design platforms, as well as multiple headset configurations and workstations. 

We’re Experts in technology deployment!

The team at Exergy Solutions provides engineering, design, consulting,

and expert technical production advice along with our 3D printing service.

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