Empowering leaders in energy

Exergy was founded in 2015 with an ambition to bring balance to the energy industry; sustaining healthy businesses in a quickly changing future. With the willingness to enact change for better in any way needed, they knew they could help organizations who thrive on stability more from the outside than the inside. Balancing knowledge of the structured, calculated nature of these large companies with an adaptive approach to innovation created the opportunity to take the risks the companies couldn’t, but enable them to make the progress they needed.

A people-focused company from day one, it has been the tenets of empowering, intrapreneurship, cross-discipline collaboration and embracing unconventional thinking that are the foundations of our take-action culture that continue to power clients forward.

We create leading change

Companies who operate faster and better will always lead. We are here to create and empower the leaders in energy.

Our clients rely on us to create the means to improve and lead through innovation. Clients accelerate their ideas through innovation with our team and our tools, trusting in agile engineering, quickly putting thinking to the test, and being adaptive in creating solutions, safely.

We are the do culture

What sets us apart is our team dynamic, our people, and our way of creating together. It’s made up of three essential ingredients.

  • Divergent mindsets

    We embrace diversity of thought, this is what fuels unconventional creativity, it’s the challenger mentality, which leads to change with new and true innovation.

  • The Do attitude

    We value doing and creating, empowering people to put ideas in action with cutting edge tools. We build, make, and create to learn, adapt, and evolve faster on every project.

  • Stronger together

    Collaboration is the glue. It creates confidence and credibility, with multi-functional people, breaking silos, working with clients in their business, de-risking their projects.

We take action and risks that our clients can’t, to build the technology they need. It’s how we quickly solve their biggest challenges and get to meaningful results.

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