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At Exergy, we are purpose-built to accelerate innovation. Our Innovation Advisory group focuses on delivering front-end research and analysis necessary to support decision-making by industry leaders, startup companies, investment organizations, and government entities. We marry deep technical knowledge with applied strategy enabling our clients to take actionable steps towards realizing their innovation goals and objectives.

Industrial Players
Facility Baseline + Opportunity Identification + Technology Evaluation = Decarbonization Strategy

Business Case + Technology Validation + De-risking Plans = Technology Development Road Mapping

Industry Knowhow + Innovation Ecosystem Expertise = Technical Due Diligence

Technology Landscaping + Stakeholder Engagement = Feasibility Studies

& more…

With a proven history of delivering transformative results, Exergy empowers clients to thrive in a low carbon economy, confidently paving a path to technology deployment. We collaborate closely with your team, ensuring seamless alignment and understanding of your unique circumstances and business mandates. Driven by our commitment to co-create positive change, we act as an extension of your team, delivering mission-critical support precisely where you need it.

Key Specialties

  • Decarbonization Strategy

    Leveraging our well-honed tools coupled with our deep technology knowledge, we collaborate with our industry clients on developing and implementing strategies to mitigate GHG emissions within their assets in a cost effective and strategic manner. Our analysis is always asset-specific and can target incremental improvements and/or deep decarbonization.

  • Technology Development Road Mapping

    Capitalizing on our experience in the innovation space, we work together with clients who are developing novel technologies to formulate and implement roadmaps and de-risking strategies aimed at aligning effort with business needs, including proof of viability and funding requirements. This ensures a realistic, timely, and cost-effective path to commercialization.

  • Technical Due Diligence

    As a trusted partner within the investment community, we deploy multidisciplinary technical expertise to critically assess investment transactions at the technology level, asset level, and/or project level. We identify techno-commercial risks and associated mitigations applying defensible methodologies and engaging in collaborative thinking every step of the way.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Being at the forefront of new technology developments, we are well positioned to perform technical studies on behalf of government entities, project developers, and various other stakeholders in the innovation space. Our portfolio includes feasibility studies, technology deep dives, market assessments, and trend analyses, all tailored to empower our clients with the knowledge to make decisions in a dynamic landscape.

  • Grant Funding Application Support

    When grant funding is opportune, we help clients craft proposals that effectively communicate the innovation and value proposition of the technology solution in question. Collaborating with your team, we define project objectives and outcomes, creating a narrative worthy of securing funding from grantors, investors, and funding agencies.

In-House Tools

  • Process Modelling

    We examine technologies at a fundamental level, applying engineering first principles, industry best practices, process simulation software, and bespoke modelling tools. This allows us to assess the anticipated technology performance and inform subsequent analysis and de-risking activities.

  • GHG Analysis

    We analyze and quantify Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions broken down at the fuel/equipment level enabling a clear understanding of underlying drivers and available levers for GHG reduction. Our tools utilize established methodologies, including lifecycle analysis, adapted to meet project objectives.

  • Technoeconomic Analysis

    Our proprietary comprehensive Technoeconomic Analysis (TEA) tools are second to none when it comes to evaluating the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and financial viability of projects. Our TEAs consider different technology deployment scenarios and use cases lending analytical rigour to decision-making. As input to the TEA, our team has the capability to develop Class 3 to Class 5 cost estimates depending on desired outcomes.

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