Getting big ideas off the page

Work side-by-side with our subject matter experts to strategize, design, build and deploy solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. With our suite of 3D printers, skid builders, fume hoods and subject matter experts all under the XLab’s roof, we can safely prototype, test and tweak new tech at an industry-changing pace.

Piloting new technology. Pilots let us test and adapt new technologies. We build prototypes and pilots in the safety of our controlled XLab space. We then deliver the product to our clients in the field.

We design pilots at the scale that makes sense for our clients and the technology; our goal is to build a product or pilot that proves the technology and generates data that supports our client’s business case and their journey to net zero.


  • Project Management

  • Fabrication

  • Assembly - Field Pilots

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • CNC Machining

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